First Floor FBC Building, 179 Robertson Street, Masvingo
Monday - Friday 08:00-16:30

About Us

Our Vision

To be an effective watchdog and vehicle for good governance in Masvingo Province and a model for democracy. To empower communities in Masvingo Province to meaningfully participate in governance and human rights issues and demand their right and involvement in governance issues that affect them

Our Mission

To represent and support communities by advocating for effective, transparent and affordable municipal services and other services.


Masvingo Residents Trust operations have development projects that may further leverage or help to mitigate, gather innovative ideas, identify community resources, encourage community member involvement in project design, implementation, and monitoring, identify and evaluate potential project areas as well as monitor and track project impacts and ensure that development projects are meeting community expectations.

Who We Are

We are a social movement with the mandate of fighting for social and economic justice in communities in Southern Zimbabwe. We have an estimated membership of more than 6000 members across the Masvingo Province and work through 7 residents’ organizations in the seven districts of Masvingo Province. Masvingo Residents Forum thrives on the importance of stakeholder engagement a substantive, two-way dialogue between the organization and its stakeholders