First Floor FBC Building, 179 Robertson Street, Masvingo
Monday - Friday 08:00-16:30

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Masvingo Residents Forum x

We are a social movement with the mandate of fighting for social and economic justice in communities in Southern Zimbabwe. We have an estimated membership of more than 6000 members across the Masvingo Province and work through 7 residents’ organizations in the seven districts of Masvingo Province

Masvingo Residents Forum thrives on the importance of stakeholder engagement a substantive, two-way dialogue between the organization and its stakeholders. In the case of the Masvingo Residents Forum the most important stakeholders are the membership of the organization who participate in identifying and prioritizing community development needs and opportunities, identify potential positive or negative impacts from Masvingo Residents Trust operations that development projects may further leverage or help to mitigate, gather innovative ideas, identify community resources, encourage community member involvement in project design, implementation, and monitoring, identify and evaluate potential project areas as well as monitor and track project impacts and ensure that development projects are meeting community expectations.

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Our Areas of Interest 

Local Government Transparency

We aspire to be in a society where local government entities are transparent and accountable. We facilitate conversations between citizens and policy makers.


Through our researchers and partners we engage in research on various topics, particularly around service delivery and economic and social solutions.

Women and Youth Participation in Local Government

We work with women and and young people to encourage their participation in local government positions.


We work in educating and engaging citizens around elections, the need for democratic participation, fostering tolerance and reducing electoral violence.

Disaster Risk Reduction

We educate citizens on disasters,  their risks, and the steps to reduce them including climate change awareness and environmental responsibility.

Debt Management

We contribute to Zimbabwe’s inclusive economic growth and sustainable development through influencing policy change on debt management and development finance anchored on rights based approaches at local government level.

Recent Work x

What They Say x

The Masvingo Residents Forum is a good platform for discussing the issues affecting the province , and we are happy that it is there because no such platform ever existed." Kurauone, Councillor Masvingo








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